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Tbilisi, Georgia Merab Kostava I Turn, #33

The company “Five Points” envisages a team with many years of experience in 2016. The main direction of the company is interior and exterior repair works, renovation of apartments and commercial spaces, creation of architectural projects, planning, and management of construction processes.

During this short period, the company “Five Points” has successfully implemented a variety of projects with both internal and external work. We have established close partnerships with large local companies, entrepreneurs and importers, which allows us to stand out in the market with high competitiveness and at the same time offer customers premium quality and the best conditions.

The company “Five Points” is staffed with professionals with long experience in the field of construction. Our services include the sale of construction materials and construction work, as well as offer a full range of services: architectural projects, planning and management of construction processes, movement of materials for efficient construction Facing and repair works.